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Brush Pack

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Brush Pack
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Clean holds make all the difference in the world. Here's four different brushes to get the job done. Three have tough Nylon bristles that scour holds without polishing them and one has "bouldering community approved" boars hair and horse hair bristles... can you say Pro Sesh!

- The Big Dual Brush: Two brush heads: one with soft, horse hair bristles and one with stiff, boars hair bristles. Perfect for sandstone.
- The Bubbabrush: It's broad, flat handle and dual-sided head makes it perfect for stickbrush use. Tape it to the end of a stick to clean those out-of-reach holds.
- Simple Brush: Toothbrush style with stiff nylon bristles and tapered handle, perfect for your chalk bag loop.
- The Big Blue Brush: A burly brush for heavy-duty scrubbing jobs. It's long, angled handle keeps you from banging your knuckles on the rock.
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