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Universal Board


Universal Board


Universal Board


This is the most versatile piece of plastic we have ever made. The Universal Board was designed to be used for Campus, Hangboard and System Training.

Campus: At 16" long and 4 7/8"" wide, six Universal Boards fit on a 48" sheet of plywood with standard 22 cm intervals between rungs. It has standard Campus holds: A flat 1.75" edge and a sloping .75" edge.

System: Mount these in staggered left and right intervals on a steep wall to focus training specific weaknesses

Hangboard: Light and inexpensive. The Universal Board offers the basic holds for your pull-up and dead-hang training regiment.

The Universal Board is available individually for Hangboard usage (mounting board included) or in a discounted 6-Pack for Campus and/or System Training.

Screws included.

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